Monday, December 15, 2008


Queridos Amigos,

Thanks to your contributions last December, we were able to sponsor 12 students this year, up from four in 2007!

Moreover, two of our original scholarship recipients, Edelmira Ramírez Bravo and Rosmeri Velásquez Bravo, graduated from high school in October, something that might never have happened without your support. Noely Gutiérrez also graduated this year. Both Ian and Brooke taught all three of these students in 2006.

Noely receives her high school diploma in October, 2008. ¡Felicidades! Estamos muy orgullosos de ustedes.

Rosmeri and Edelmira at the religious ceremony before receiving their diplomas.

We would like to ask you to continue helping fund students like Edelmira and Rosmeri for the coming school year, which starts in mid-January. As you know, we decided to start Amigos de San Pablo to help the children of the region continue their education, an education that will help them to better manage their farms, their small businesses and their personal lives. Our commitment to the region remains strong; in fact, Ian will return for two months this summer to do research on migrants who have returned to the region after living in the United States, and we will both spend time in San Pablo and be able to give you an update on the students’ achievements.

Please consider donating this year. Even the smallest donation makes a difference. Just like last year, the average middle school student’s yearly costs are $150, and the average high school student’s $250. You can make a donation via personal check, or by PayPal. Click on the icon in the right column.

Thank you for your support, and feel free to contact us with your questions.

Rosmeri in her computer class in her senior year of high school, 2008 (first from left).

Nelson, (second from the left, first row), with his soccer team after the big game. Nelson will be moving on to seventh grade in January.

Alan (first from left), with his classmates. Ian and Brooke got to know Alan and his family really well while living in San Pablo—his mother would often feed us yummy popcorn and special treats. Alan will also be moving onto seventh grade, but only with your help. His mother, two sisters, and two grandparents live on a family farm and have minimal income.

Names of Student Grantees, 2008
No. Nombres, Grado
1 Alan Velásquez, Primero Básico (6th gr.)
2 Aracely Velásquez, Segundo Básico (7th gr.)
3 Dalila Velásquez, Primero Basico (6th gr.)
4 Darvin Pérez, Primero Basico (6th gr.)
5 Edelmira Pérez, Quinto Bachillerato (12th gr.)
6 Leticia Gonzáles, Segundo Basico (7th gr.)
7 Maria José Tamar, Cuarto Bachillerato (11th gr.)
8 Nelson Morales, Segundo Basico (7th gr.)
9 Noely Gutiérrez, Quinto Bachillerato (12th gr.)
10 Norma Zacarías, Primero Basico (6th gr.)
11 Ofelia Pérez, Primero Basico (6th gr.)
12 Rosmery Velásquez, Quinto Bachillerato (12th gr.)

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